Company Facility

WEE Technology Company Limited is specialized in manufacturing diodes and bridge rectifiers.One of our biggest advantage among other manufacturers is that we product chips ourselves. Due to this strength, our short lead time helps lots of customers.Normally our lead time is around 2 weeks, we also keep some common items stock for urgent use. Please reply on us, we can do what you want.

WEE Technology Diodes Monthly Capacity

Package Type Product Type KKpcs Typical Products
SMAF Surface Mount SMD Diodes 300 M7,RS1M,ES1J,ES2J
SMA-J Surface Mount SMD Diodes 225 SS14,ES1D,US1M
SMA Surface Mount SMD Diodes 75 SS310,RS2M,SMAJ15CA
SMB Surface Mount SMD Diodes 90 S3M,RS2M,SMBJ33CA
SMC Surface Mount SMD Diodes 20 RS3M,S5M,SMCJ36CA
SOD123FL Surface Mount SMD Diodes 75 A7,F1M,E1J,K14
SOD123 Surface Mount SMD Diodes 15 1N4148W,1N4148WS
R-1 Through Hole Dip Diodes 8 1A5,1A6,1A7
R-6 Through Hole Dip Diodes 8 P6A10,6A10,10A10
DO-41 Through Hole Dip Diodes 225 1N4007,HER104,SF18,FR107
DO-15 Through Hole Dip Diodes 120 SF28,RL207,HER208
DO-27 Through Hole Dip Diodes 90 SF56G,SR340,1N5408,HER308
DO-201AE Through Hole Dip Diodes 45 1.5KE15CA,1.5KE250CA
MBF SMD Bridge Rectifiers 300 MB6F,MB8F,MB10F
MBS SMD Bridge Rectifiers 90 MB10S,MB6S
DBS SMD Bridge Rectifiers 20 DB107S,DB207S
DB Dip Bridge Rectifiers 10 DB107,DB207
GBP Dip Bridge Rectifiers 10 GBP210,GBP310,GBP410

WEE Technology Main Manufacturing Equipment

Equipment Type Quantity(Set)
Chip Selecting Machine 13
Pointing Glue Machine 30
Welding Stove 12
Plastic Package Pressing Machine 45
Small Pressing Machine for Cutting Leads 67
Reflow Soldering Machines 3
Through Hole TMTT Machine 45
Surface Mount TMTT Machine 52

WEE Technology Main Performance Testing Equipment

Equipment Type Quantity(Set)
TVR, TRR, DVF (Taiwan Brand) 25
VC (Taiwan Brand) 9
TRR,DVF, 800S (Taiwan Brand) 155
800, 800S (Shanghai Brand) 426
TVS (Shanghai Brand) 90
TRR (Shanghai Brand) 60