Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers

Constructed in glass passivated and silicon open junction die, our manufactures a complete line of Bridge Rectifiers which can meet the power and case style requirements of almost all electronic equipment. It is used for converting an alternating current (AC) input into a direct current (DC) output.
A bridge rectifier provides full-wave rectification from a two-wire AC input, therefore resulting in lower weight and cost when compared to a rectifier with a 3-wire input from a transformer with a center-tapped secondary winding.
They can be constructed with four or more diodes or any other controlled solid state switches. Devices are provided in a variety of packages including SMD, Dual In-Line, Single In-Line, Square Type, Round Type, and 3 Phase Bridge Rectifiers. Please refer to below WEET product list of Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers

Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers Products List and Download PDF Datasheet