WEE Technology Diodes and Bridge Rectifiers are Wildly Used in Consumer Electronics Products

Data: 2019-03-08

WEE Technology Company Limited
Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes and Rectifiers

WEET Diodes and bridge rectifiers are wildly used in consumer electronics products. Consumer electronics mainly including: TV, VCD、SVCD、DVD, Recorders, camcorders, radios, tape recorders, music centers, record players, CD…In some developed countries, phones, personal computers, home office equipment, home electronics, healthcare equipment, automotive electronics and other products belong to Consumer Electronics. With the advent of technology and the development of new products and applications, the product like digital cameras, mobile phones, PDA are also becoming an emerging consumer electronics.

Industrial APPLICATION WEET - WEE Technology Typical Products Part Number
STB (Set Top Box) ES1J, FR107
Air-conditioner MD100S18M2, GBJ2010, KBJ410, D2UB100, GBJ1510
LCD televisions SR560, HER207, 1N5406, GBJ1010, KBJ410, FR307, GBJ1510, HER107, FR207, SR5100, FR107, KBJ610
Refrigerator BR3506, KBPC2510, HS1J, GBJ2010, KBJ410, GBJ1510
White household appliance 1N4007G, KBJ410, SF24G, HS1G, P4KE51A, P4KE51CA
Microwave GBU410, GBU810, GBU1010
Intelligent Electric-meters 1N4148, BAV70, GBJL15, 1N4007, 1N5406, FR104, FR207, HER208, HS3M, SF307, MUR1060CT, MBRF20100CT, MBRF20150CT
Inverter welding machine GBJ2510, GBJ5010, GBPC3510, GBPC5010, S25VB100, S35VB100, S50VB100
Converter GBJ2510, GBJ3510, MT3516, MT5016, GBPC3506W
Gasoline Generators KBPC2510, KBPC3510, 1N5408
Sewing machine/Electric control GBJ2010, GBJ2510, KBPC1010, GBU2510, S25VB60, KBU2510, KBPC1510, KBU1506