WEET SOT-23 BC807-16 BC807-25 BC807-40 BC808-16 BC808-25 BC808-40 PNP Silicon Small BJT Transistors

Data: 2024-03-28

High performance driving and low-power output transistor: SOT-23(TO-236) BC807-40 Printing Code 5C PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Small (BJT) Transistors

The BC807-40 transistor, as a transistor suitable for autofocus driver stage and low-power output stage, has excellent performance and wide application, playing an important role in many fields.
The operating temperature range of BC807-40 is -55 ℃ to+150 ℃ (Tj), with a characteristic frequency of 80MHz. This feature enables it to operate normally in high temperature and high frequency environments, 

suitable for various high temperature and high frequency applications.
Whether it's extremely cold winter or hot summer, the BC807-40 can maintain stable performance and provide reliable support for various applications.